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Note: Since 4 Dec, I’ve been writing tiny addtional bits, not necessarily in any order.

This is the home of my online Edinburgh previews and it’ll have to do, since I don’t have any live performance options ‘tween now and the fest with which to test the shape of this show. If you know about Ed previews, you know they’re not just previews but often involve the very public writing of the show and that’s how it’s gonna be here. I will stop and start over again, storywise. I will change the parameters of the piece, change tone, be very wrong. But in the end, hopefully, I’ll be very right.  

Poke around, if you will. There’s now a director’s commentary in the supplemental materials section, as well as older drafts and such. And more to come, in every sense. 

Except the sense of smell. There will be no smellevision (Carl Stqlling notwithstanding).

Update: Made Fringe Review’s list of top shows in Edinburgh this year.

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The days were long.

As I could not lay down, I had to get tired enough to fall asleep sitting, which would, uh, take a while.

I couldn’t sit for long either, not, at least, while I was awake. The body does, after all, get tugged even when seated and the imperceptible tugging would build until it too set off the spasms.

Still, in a way, I appreciated the extra length of the days.

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There was no position.

No sleeping position in which my head was protected.

If I laid on my right, I’d be shmooshing the pain.

If I laid on my left, I’d be tugging the pain.

If I laid on my back, I’d tug the pain from behind, sometimes bolting suddenly awake, silently screaming from pinpoint pain in my eyelid.

Also, I appear to have sleep apnea and would stop breathing.

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It was cold.

My bed was not comfortable. It was 2 stacked soft mattresses, probably rescued by my landlord from the trash, basically unsleepable in the best of times, though I am an excellent sleeper, it being my great escape. Now, when I most needed to escape because I was trapped and could not escape, I could not escape. Because I could not sleep. Because sleeping hurt.

And sleeping hurt me.

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I’m kinda glad I never got into the meat of the story here

as I would have had to then unlearn the structure for the shows in Edinburgh.

I know I’ve said — well, written — that writin’s different from talkin’, but you know, it is. And then, of course, there are the time constraints of a show, which don’t exist on the page.

I did figure out an effective way of breezing through the saga for live audiences but it didn’t do justice to the life that was by me lived so that this story could be. One woman who came said she felt the epic lent itself more to a book than a show, a notion I had already been tossing about in my brain. In any event, I think I’m going to go back to working on the project here. It may not be in a linear fashion, so I hope you’ll bear with me.

As it happened, the Edinburgh “Cold Chicken” turned out to be, in effect,  a workshop for said book or a future theatrical run, which I suppose we all expected. Still, there was some good feedback online from attendees, sometimes from people I didn’t even know.

Unexpectedly, though, it was the reprise of “9/11” (which I guess was in its 1st true run, last year’s being a developmental one similar to this year’s of CC) that turned out to be my “real” show and got nice-sized audiences and a bit of buzz.

Here’s stuff I found online about the shows:

@ch4rl3sm4ns0n: check out Andrew J Lederer’s ‘9/11’, good stuff #edfringe

@Sonic_Screwup: Andrew J Lederer’s ‘9/11’. The Royal Mile Tavern, every day at 5pm. Go and see it. This guy is tells a masterful and moving story. #edfringe

jw_smith James W Smith
If you’re in the Grassmarket area, head to Dragonfly to see @ajlondemand and his Anthology show. It starts… now-ish, I believe.#edfringe

joyfeed Peter Fletcher
Very amusing storytelling from @ajlondemand at the Voodoo Rooms at midday. Today an intriguing bonus cut-up version.

joyfeed Peter Fletcher
@ajlondemand Just realised I used the word “intriguing” both times I mentioned Cold Chicken. In itself quite intriguing.

pageantmalarkey pageantmalarkey
@alnya Ha, no I saw him do a bit of what is now his show last year at @squat_betty’s new material night and really liked it though.

pageantmalarkey pageantmalarkey
@jw_smith Lolz. It’s true, it’s a great bit of storytelling.

ewenmacintosh ewenmacintosh
@pageantmalarkey He is very good and also underappreciated…

pageantmalarkey pageantmalarkey
@ewenmacintosh his 9/11 story was one of the most astonishing bits of stand up I’ve ever seen. Great storyteller.

natmetcalfe Nathaniel Metcalfe
recommends Cold Chicken 12pm, Voodoo Rooms. @ajlondemandis a natural storyteller.

iamfionasord it’s me
@ajlondemand left wanting more.

robinince Robin Ince
recommended midday show on free fringe Cold Chicken at Voodoo Rooms by andrew j lederer , he deserves your attention

DrBobChoco Andrew Wilson
Went to see @ajlondemand’s very funny Cold Chicken today. You should go tomorrow – 12:05 Voodoo Rooms #edfringe

the_bd_aye Brian Devlin
by ajlondemand
Going to the #edfringe? Go and see @ajlondemand @ZaltzCricket @Herring1967 @friskynmannish @glennwool @mrtonylaw – don’t argue – do it

FringeReview FringeReview
by ajlondemand
RT @ajlondemand: Made @fringereview venue by venue list of top shows at this year’s Fringe. bit.ly/nIxxvK #coldchicken #edfringe

11 August 2011 8:45AM
I can’t see a mention of “9/11” by Andrew J Lederer, which is on every day at 5pm at the Royal Mile Tavern as part of the Free Fringe (the venue is wrong on the Free Fringe site but correct in the paper program).

It’s a beautiful hour of interaction and jokes with an amazing storyteller, whose 9/11 stories, jokes and anecdotes constantly shift from the very small to the very big and then back again.

Highly recommended.

Stefania Pilla08 August
This is a very good, very intimate show with some accomplished storytelling.

“After a quick turnaround I headed to Edinburgh with Harry, where we saw 12 comedy shows in under 48 hours. Heaven. They were: Tony Law, Robin Ince and Michael Legge, The Gentleman’s Review, Michael Legge, Tim Key, The Horne Section, Andrew J. Lederer, Tiernan Douieb, Simon Munnery, Tara Flynn, Josie Long, Richard Herring, and I recommend every single one of them.”

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Today is the last performance of Cold Chicken.

If you’re in Edinburgh, you can come to The Voodoo Rooms at noon (yes, it’s soon). 19A W Register St, EH2 2AA. Or not. (I’d prefer if you did.)

Last 9/11 is at 5pm at the Royal Mile Tavern, 127 High St, EH1 1SG.

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“Cold Chicken” Edinburgh 2011 Flyer


Flyer Artwork (front) by Alan Kupperberg; Flyer Design by Sean Brightman

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